Hockey Basics for Beginners

Hockey Basics for Beginners

Allow us to break the ice…

Crazy Pour prides itself on being a bar where fans of all sports can gather and cheer on their favorite team. As fall turns into winter, we start to get more hockey fans in the door, but we want to make sure even beginners feel comfortable stopping in and cheering on their team. If you’re new to hockey, here are a few basics to know about the game.

Game Time

A hockey game is 60-minutes long and divided up into three 20 minute periods. If the game is tied at the end of 60 minutes of playing, they’ll go into a five minute overtime period that is sudden death. That means whichever team scores first wins, no matter how much time is left in that five minutes.

Chicago Blackhawks player

At any point in the game, there will be six players out on the ice. This will include one goalie and five skaters that will rotate shifts on the ice during the game. These shifts can last anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes (or more). The positions of these players include three forwards (a left wing, right wing, and center), and then two defensemen.

The Season

Hockey season starts in the fall, usually early October, and the regular season ends in April. After regular season games are finished, the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin, and the Cup Finals will follow in late May or early June.


In the 1998-99 season, the NHL adopted a two conference format, with three divisions in each. This is broken down into the Eastern Conference, which includes the Northeast, Southeast, and Atlantic divisions, and the Western Conference includes the Central, Northwest, and Pacific divisions. The top eight teams in each conference move onto the playoffs, with each division winners seeded first through third. The teams are then paired up within their conference, and the top seeds will start off playing the bottom seeds.

Hockey bar Chicago

Hockey is a great sport with so many different teams to cheer on, although we’re partial to the Chicago Blackhawks. Crazy Pour is the go-to sports bar for fans from all over, even the beginners, so the next time you’re looking to catch a game, make sure you stop in! Check out our current specials here or give us a call at 630.758.0099.



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