Tips for Tailgating Your First Chicago Bears Game

Tips for Tailgating Your First Chicago Bears Game

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first NFL game, tailgating at a Chicago Bears game is quite the experience. From what food to bring to proper tailgating etiquette, here’s a guide to your next Bears game.

Etiquette: win or lose, there’s no doubt your tailgating experience will be a blast. Bears fans come from near and far to celebrate their favorite team, and they sure have fun doing it. Expect friendly fans, plenty of food, and camaraderie that’s unique to football. Just remember to be a good sport about the game’s outcome, and keep the experience fun for you and the opposing teams fans.

Football grilling out

Food: there aren’t any rules to what type of food you need to bring tailgating, however, there are some that are more popular (and easier to prepare) than others. Burgers and brats are easy, but if you’re a seasoned vet, try and not limit yourself to the common tailgating fare. Many fans have expanded their horizons and started doing beer can chicken, grilled shrimp, and a Midwest favorite, the Juicy-Lucy.

Drinks: similar to food, the drinks you bring can be whatever you want. Whether you want to warm up with mulled wine, coffee and your favorite creamer, or even a hot toddy, have fun with whatever you bring. If you really want to get in the spirit, try Bears themed cocktails, such as blue and orange colored jello shots to give you one idea. One thing’s for sure, whatever you decide to bring, make sure to pace yourself! There is a game that happens after all that tailgating.

Football drinks

The Weather: game tickets aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to plan for the weather accordingly so you don’t have to head home early. Keep an eye on the weather the week leading up to the game, and pack extras if you need. Forecast calling for rain? Keep a poncho on hand so you can stay dry no matter where you are. Make sure to check if there are any regulations as to what you can bring in the stadium beforehand.

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